Big impact,
small footprint.

corporate reporting

Playing in the clouds

Celery's latest collaboration with Autodesk is an interactive promo for the company's cloud-based BIM software. We "game-ified" the experience with a series of engaging animations that help users follow along an tour of the BIM tools.

​The dot images that Celery created for Autodesk’s first Sustainability Report represent “many things coming together to make something bigger.” This theme applies to Autodesk at multiple scales: many aspects of strategy making up a holistic vision for sustainability; many small operational actions making a responsible company, and many individual green design projects having a cumulative effect on the built environment. The dot images support this theme, showing a human eye, a person, a building, a city, and a world map.

Celery developed both print and web-based versions of the report in order to make it accessible to the widest audience possible. We divided the print report into four subject-specific booklets. This allows Autodesk to better tailor its communications to audience interests and avoid waste. The report is sized to enable efficient printing on a sheetfed offset printing press and digital presses for on-demand reprints of individual booklets as needed. This report is printed with low-VOC inks on 100 percent recycled paper with 50 percent post-consumer recycled fiber.