Design that tastes good
and is good for you.

We strive to create a type of design that is conceptually satisfying, radically greener, and more effective than conventional solutions. We do this by considering the whole life cycle in the creative process: strategy, content, aesthetic, materials, production, delivery, user experience, and end-of-life destiny. We see ourselves as descendants of Bauhaus, Bucky Fuller, Eames and others who have expanded the boundaries of design.

We discover together.

Collaboration is the best way we know to be creative fast. It allows us to be flexible and responsive. It allows us to effectively weave design into the fabric of business. We host creative workshops, seek outside perspectives, and generally treat design as a team sport.

Designing backwards, thinking ahead

Good design is a powerful force. We aim to make it a force for good by building strong brands for sustainable products, services and programs. We integrate innovative materials and manufacturing processes, and design for the whole life cycle. But most importantly, we shift the focus from designing stuff to designing outcomes. We call this process designing backwards. The result is lasting, substantive change in the marketplace and in the world.

3. Concept & Strategy

2. Audience

1. Outcomes

We're happy to help. What do you need?

• Brand Strategy
• Naming
• Digital Experiences
• Packaging
• Sustainability Reporting
• Print Collateral

We're smart and curious. We challenge assumptions.
We sweat the details.

Brian Dougherty


Stephanie Welter-Krause

art director

Rod DeWeese


Amy Glaiberman

art director

Shannon McGill

senior designer

Christopher Paguio

senior designer

Erin Canoy

senior designer