B the change

Berkeley Food Institute launches a fresh brand and exciting new reports.

Celery collaborated with the Berkeley Food Institute at UC Berkeley since its inception in 2013, advising on naming, designing event graphics, and developing a brand strategy and an identity system. Recent projects include an annual report and “Hungry for Change,” a collection of 20 intimate profiles of California changemakers who are helping to build a more sustainable and equitable food system. This ongoing brand strategy and communications work has established a bold graphic identity that unifies a diverse array of subjects. It is helping to position the Institute as a leader in the field.

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B the Change

The brand identity for Berkeley Food Institute is bold and simple. The iconic letter B serves as a logo and a call to action, with slogans like
"B engaged!" setting an activist tone for the organization.

Celebrating Changemakers

Celery developed the editorial design for the Hungry for Change publication, focusing attention on written profiles by Sarah Henry and beautiful portrait photography by Fabien Aguirre and Maya Piscotto.