Building stronger communities

Dovetail is a media campaign designed to expand awareness of interconnected social programs.

Social programs across the country are breaking down the barriers between sectors and creating interconnected strategies to transform their communities and change the lives of residents. This model has proven exceptionally successful, but it is still rare. Dovetail aims to highlight these strategies and shine a spotlight on the people behind these groundbreaking programs. We are working with communities at the local level and developing tools to make the model scalable nationwide. We’re creating an integrated media campaign to promote and popularize this growing movement—so more people can experience positive change right in their own neighborhoods.

Project type


Building a movement

Celery developed the brand identity, marketing strategy, motion graphics, and a range of print collateral to help launch the Dovetail movement. The objective is to bring this innovative model of social programs to more communities nationwide.

Communicating Impact

Celery is developing a digital magazine journal profiling successful community transformations, along with a series of high quality video profiles, and an integrated social media campaign.

More impact. Less friction.

We designed and produced this video that provides an overview of the Dovetail model.

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