Equity in OC Initiative is working to close the gap in health outcomes across Orange County.

Celery partnered with Equity in OC (EiOC), an initiative of Orange County Health Care Agency on a CDC grant-lead campaign aimed at delivering sustainable and responsive services that promote population health and equity across Orange County, California. We collaborated with the EiOC team to develop a wide range of materials addressing the Social Determinants of Health through data analysis, collective action, and community empowerment.

Project type


Activating Community Leaders

We created an expressive visual identity and communications platform that would engage and activate community leaders, practitioners and the general public to come together on solving health and social inequities.

Making data accessible.

We worked with the Equity in OC team and local community leaders to create a range of population overviews to help identify inequities, as well as various print materials to be distributed across the county. Our primary objective was to visualize complex data in a way that would be accessible to a wide audience. We developed a visual language using bold graphics and colors to help make the data more engaging and memorable.

Celery designed and produced a video to easily explain and illustrate Social Determinants of Health.

Creating change.

The ongoing campaign has resulted in the awarding of several grants to equity focused organizations, and has activated thousands of community members to engage in workshops and events focused on improving the health and social equity within Orange County.

You can find out more about Equity in OC at equityinoc.com