Health through prevention

Prevention Institute's new manifesto is
an essential reference for healthy communities.

Prevention Institute has long been a leader in public policy research relating to community wellness and social equity. Celery is collaborating with the organization to refine their brand identity while maintaining a lively, grassroots personality. The new brand provides consistency across a diverse array of communications. Celery’s design for infographics, presentations and a newly released book entitled “A System of Prevention” help to convey complex concepts in engaging ways.



A System of Prevention

The new book is an essential reference for healthy communities. It serves as a call to action, outlining the role we each can play in creating health equity. A collaged style combines photography and illustration with a loose, DIY aesthetic. It intentionally blurs the line between our current reality and the vision for a better future.

A full spectrum brand

With high energy colors and bright gradients, we created a brand that celebrates the energy and creativity of PI's collaborative approach. The brand gradient "spectrums" reference PI's Spectrum of Prevention, a tool outlining how different sectors can come together to create positive community change.

Storytelling through graphics

Much of Celery's work with Prevention Institute has focused on making their content accessible to a broader audience. Visual storytelling and infographics help to distill complex topics and provide an easy point of entry for viewers.

Bringing it all together

Celery is currently extending the brand to a wide variety of digital and print communication materials that serve diverse audiences, from policymakers to community members.