Superfoods to
your doorstep

Project Juice launches a new line of delicious organic smoothies.

Celery worked with Project Juice to create a line of “Instagram-ready” smoothie packaging. The design artfully focuses attention on a wide array of ingredients, and supports a strong word of mouth and social media strategy.

Project type


Packaging for the Instagram Generation

The Instagram model is very different from past models, but it opens up creative possibilities. The accompanying social media shareline or testimonial from a consumer does some of the heavy lifting regarding the product description and differentiating attributes. In this context, the ingredients become the star, and our over-arching goal is to give these all-organic cups of goodness emotional appeal.

Delicious typography

Celery approached the Sub-Zero Superfoods packaging as word art. We used the language to draw the viewer in with whimsical watercolor typography. Working from the diverse ingredient list — acai, goji berries, chia seeds, spirulina, ginger, and matcha — Celery’s designers built colorful artwork that broadcast the vibrant personality of each recipe. The fruit-forward visuals bring the experience to life in an explosion of happy, playful feelings.

Project Juice co-founder Marra St. Clair sees the results on Instagram every day: “The design gets people excited to take photos and post every time they get a new delivery or discover a new flavor they love. That’s hugely important for helping us spread the word.”